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Reversal of Scale

March 3, 2012

In the afternoon, with the brilliant light casting hues ranging from violet to green in the still frozen pond, I returned to refine the morning’s sketch of stones. Working with a 24 foot long wooden pusher I made a careful arrangement of stones on the ice. Finally, I set up a view finder, like the ones used in drawing class to frame a portion of a still life. The view changes as you move your head; the perception of space changes as well. The hastily cut view finder and the impromptu bucket add an intended comical touch. Tomorrow, one can watch as the warming day heats the stones and one by one they drop into the pond, like falling stars.


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  1. Alexis permalink

    Beautiful work, Rob! I love the distortions and even the oddity of the stones on ice b/c really, they look like stones on water! Jesus stones? Are you loosing your religion? Losing it? Or have you left it at the farthest point of the horizon? Ahh, philosophical ruminations for you, Wildnerness Dude!

  2. Dan permalink

    Very very cool. Thank you, Rob!

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