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Nature Abound Show

August 4, 2020

Welcome to the Virtual Opening of NATURE ABOUND
A Show of Paintings and Monotypes by ROB LICHT and CHRISTA WOLF

Join us for a glass of wine and a virtual toast while we take you on a stroll of our works throughout the winery’s tasting room.

View the show in person or virtually from August 1—October 31, 2020

Call ahead to make a reservation at
Leidenfrost Vineyards

5677 Rte. 414, Hector, NY 14841



art in a factory post cardIn  1991 Christa and I, along with Rósa Gísladóttir, organized a show at the Ithaca Gun Factory titled Art in the Factory. It was the last time the space was open to the public. Looking back over the years, it was one of my favorite shows. Even though our work was different–photographs by Christa, my steel sculptures , and large scale cardboard minimalist forms by Rósa– there was a palpable synergy between the work, enhanced by the raw vibrancy of the factory setting. Since then, my conversations with Christa always veer towards: “when are going to have another show?”.

So, here we are, despite all that is going in the world, finally having that show. And it appears that our work has veered towards each other. Christa and I both draw inspiration directly from the landscape, I from this Eden of water and sky that has always been my home, and she from the green hills between the lakes that she now calls home, after settling here from Germany. Meanwhile, Rôsa returned to Iceland where she has had an illustrious career  creating sculpture that draws upon the sparse landscape of her home.
art in a factory show image

Leidenfrost Vineyards, with its expansive view of Seneca Lake is a venue,  like that first show, a wonderful enhancement of our work. It is softer and greener than the gritty factory reflecting how our work has become softer and more refined as we have mellowed  over the years.

Social distancing rules preclude the celebration of an actual opening, but pour yourself a glass of wine and peruse the show from the safety of  your couch. The winery is open on a restricted basis, please call ahead to make a reservation to see the show and enjoy a wine tasting: 607-546-2800.




Artist Statement: Nature Abound

For those familiar with my art—sculptures and drawings that deal the influence of landscape on our lives—this show may seem like a departure from my more elaborate work . But the truth is, these small intimate paintings are a homecoming for me. Having grown up here, between the lakes, the land and the water were always the well from which my creative visions sprung. I have always done “plein air” painting, mostly as quick color sketches while on my forays into nature. For me, painting from nature is all about the process—immersing one’s self in the outdoors that is your subject, while you, yourself become the subject of whatever nature decides to throw at you. The scene is always fleeting, changing minute by minute, so that any attempts to capture the absolute must be abandoned; spontaneity must be embraced and working as quickly as possible leaves little time to mull over compositional choices. The effort becomes a trance-like meditation session, which is both relaxing and exhausting.

These paintings of the lake and the sky were done while staying on Cayuga Lake and other other water bodies. I use gouache because it dries quickly and the opacity allows me to build layers with out the fussy planning of watercolor. I prefer panel for the flatness of the surface, which I treat to hold the paint. These are sealed with a wax medium. I will also paint on paper or whatever else is at hand as I try to capture the elusive moments of sublime beauty.

List of Works PDF

Contact for Sales:

roblicht1[at] / 607 342 0234

Please note that work is picked up or shipped after the show
or may be taken upon purchase.
Please add 8% NYS sales tax to listed prices.
Check, cash or PayPal to roblicht1[at]




Artist Statement: Nature Abound

Living in the countryside overlooking the Valley of Seneca Lake I more and more feel connected to the plenitude of nature around me. I walk the hills, tend my garden, and worked the vineyards for some years.  This leaves a vivid and everlasting impression with me that I recall in drawings and prints. These days I often work in water based media,  painting and drawing on a wet media acetate that  then can be transferred to paper with a printing press. This fluid technique allows the spontenaity of deep emotions ilicited by the of the natural world around me.

List of Works PDF

Artist CV

Contact for Sales:

christa.wolf44[at] / 607 546 6654

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  1. simonespicer permalink

    Rob, my extraordinarily talented friend.. Thank you for sharing your work and continuing to dig deep into the human-landscape relationship with your unique perspectives. The Best! Congratulations to you and Christa Wolf on a beautiful exhibition!!

  2. Ruby permalink

    Beautiful work, Rob! It’s been so long since I’ve seen it, and really wish I could be with all of this up close. I love the serene warmth of the “after the storm” view. I will share this with Charlotte, who deeply hopes to be in Ithaca next fall. Thank you for keeping us posted– and congratulations on this moving show!

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